Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lots of Links and Review Part 5: Galleray

Galleray is a new and emerging gallery where artists can post work and people who love art can discover and connect with them! 

As of 12:00pm today (May 23), there is a 24-hour window of opportunity to sign up to Galleray and explore what they have to offer.

To be honest I don't know much about this site. Galleray is just getting off the ground so there's a lot of stuff that is in development. It's a lot like Society6 in functionality but without the e-commerce (producing, billing, shipping, etc.) aspect. You can follow artists you like, comment on work, etc. I suppose it might be more like Illustrationmundo than Society6 although Galleray is looking to create a platform to sell stuff as well. 

What I do know is that their Terms are fair and respectful and the site and the services it provides are free (at least for now!) and I'm always trying to get my work seen in as many places as possible.

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Very cool! Thanks Julia :)