Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Beer-o-ween! This is a group of spots I did for Alibi magazine's Hallowe'en issue, for their "Bewitching Brews" feature. A really fun, weird concept! I enjoy doing a series of spots, though I don't often get the chance (I did a series of twelve spots for Alibi before, but those were in black and white). It's a fun challenge to use the same colour palette in different ways and to include certain design elements to balance them out (lightning, bats, smoke, moon n' stars).


I love everything about Hallowe'en. I love the shapes and colours of all the different kinds of candy, roasted pumpkin seeds, the iconic look of classic monster movies (check out James Rolfe's Cinemassacre Monster Madness for some great reviews of horror movies new and old!), trick-or-treating, those hella heavy UNICEF boxes we wore around our necks to collect people's change... Later on I went to artsy college so the fun became creating awesome costumes using the paint, cardboard, glue, and duct tape that we already had on hand. One year I was Kabuki (from a comic by David Mack) and another year I went as Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill.

Here's the cover I did a few years back for the Weekly Alibi's Hallowe'en issue. I got to illustrate those fabulous classic movie monsters and I couldn't have been more pleased to do it!

When I was a kid my mom sewed our costumes so we always had sturdy, quality stuff. The piéce de resistance was a witch's hat. My mom bought some sort of thick, synthetic fibre string that she unravelled to make a long, tangly bird's nest of witchy hair that she sewed into the hat's brim. My classmates were always impressed!

Pictured below: Sleeping Beauty fairy godmother costume (modelled by my sister), witch costume (modelled by me, and sewn large enough to accomodate the inevitable winter jacket -- This is Canada, after all!)

Happy Hallowe'en!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Lucille" on Jazz and Draw

"Jazz and Draw" is a blog created by Philippe Debongnie. It's a great space where jazz and the images that were inspired by it can be enjoyed together. Phillippe has featured my illustration "B.B.'s Lucille" on his blog, and I couldn't be happier! If you love music and art, visit "Jazz and Draw" and tell M. Debongie I saw hi!

Friday, October 14, 2011

B.B.'s "Lucille".

I'm excited to report that I'm collaborating with author Ryan W. Cox and whiz-bang illustrators Zela Lobb, Dushan Milic, and Andy Potts on a project! It's called "A Circus Mind" and it's pretty darn cool. Ryan's written some poems inspired by great songs, musicians, and bands. One of which, "B.B.'s Lucille" I've had the privilege of illustrating.

Here's the story of B.B.'s Lucille, as told by B.B. himself. It's lovely stuff.

In the sketch I had ghostly images of two men fighting in the smoke, but I decided to simplify the image.

Ryan's book has many, many poems in it so it will be awhile before the project is done -- But it's shaping up to be quite a journey!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pop-o-matic Bubble: Shameless magazine cover

Who remembers "Trouble" the game with the Pop-o-Matic Bubble(tm?)? I created this cover for Shameless magazine, a grassroots Canadian publication for young women and trans youth who are active in arts, culture, and current events.

I used Trouble to illustrate the game of Canadian politics, where politicians are racing around in circles stomping on each other in order to grab seats and "win". Our girl here is a bit tired of the rigmarole and is getting set to burst the bubble.


Click to enlarge and see the silkscreen-y glory

And here's a close-up to show the handcrafted silkscreeniness of the piece. I hope some of the detail shows up on the cover!

This is a cover I did for Shameless a number of years ago. I was so pleased when the editor got in touch with me to do another cover for them! It's interesting to see how my work has changed over the years. I've started using a warmer colour palette and my technical skills with silkscreen printing have vastly improved. I think my drawing has gotten a bit better, too!

I am glad I got the chance to work for Shameless again and to revisit my first job with them. Seeing how I've evolved over the years is very motivating. I'm gonna keep on truckin'!