Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Old Cottage for Cottage Magazine

The Old Cottage: Add or Build New? For Cottage Magazine
My favourite thing in the world is repeat clients. Last April I did a series of illustrations for Cottage Magazine and this is my second job for them!

The accompanying article deals with the dilemma of renovating an older cottage versus building a new one. A lot of older cottages don't comply with modern regulations, so altering the building in any way can result in a seemingly endless battle with red tape. 

It was fun to do a split-screen illustration that contrasts the care-free 50s when one's grandparents may have built their cozy cottage and the more stress-filled 2010s (is there an appropriate abbreviation for this yet?). Coca-cola in glass bottles has been replaced with a grande Starbucks coffee. The straight-forward task of splitting cedar shakes for a cottage roof has now become navigating thick binders of obscure zoning bylaws and environmental impact studies. The cars and clothes have changed while the stunning view remains the same!

 And here's the spot illustration:


-- Julia
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Grand Rights 101 for Words & Music magazine

Grand Rights 101. Wagner at the opera doing a bit of accounting!
Words & Music magazine is put out by SOCAN, a Canadian organization that handles the licenses of music for more than 100,000 members. The article I was illustrating was a primer on Grand Rights, which are the rights associated to performing music live onstage (musicals, operas, ballet, etc.)

Fresh Art & Design Inc. is a design firm based in Toronto, and they handle the art direction and design of Words & Music. They've also done design work for the University of Toronto, Rogers, and Opera Canada. It's really nice to get to work for a firm that is right in the mix of Canadian arts and culture!

We've got a happy Wagner totting up his receipts backstage after another successful night at the opera -- Because Grand Rights exist to make sure that the creators are adequately compensated for their works. I was originally going to just draw a jumble of musical notes on the paper in the bottom left corner, but I remembered that musicians and composers and other music industry people would be reading the magazine! So I found a page of sheet music that actually had a bit of Wagner on it and used that. I don't know if anyone will notice... But it was fun to do!

Super rough sketch: 

A more refined version:

-- Julia

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The God of Gelatin on the cover of the Weekly Alibi

gelatin god for the weekly alibi
Now that this illustration's been published, I suppose that means I ought to stop futzing with it :P. For some reason I get a real kick out of drawing food. This is a self-directed piece I did that showcases that wobbly wonder called gelatin, its origins, and its many uses. 

Here's some text I wrote to accompany the illustration: 

Gelatin is a translucent, colourless, flavour-
less solid substance created when collagen is
hydrolysed. Its most common forms are 
sheets, granules, or powder.

One of the oldest forms of gelatin is hartshorn jelly, 
derived from the antlers of stags. Another ancient
source of gelatin is isinglass, made from the swim 
bladders of sturgeon. Isinglass is used to this day 
in the clarification of beer and wine. Gelatin is 
derived from animal by-products although veg-
etarian alternatives do exist. In modern times the 
majority of the gelatin is extracted from pig skin.

Gelatin is a versatile substance with a multitude 
of uses. It is used most commonly as an addi-
tive to foodstuffs, where it can act as a thickener, 
texturizer, or stabilizer. Gelatin is essential in the 
manufacture of film stock and is used extensively 
as a substrate for cell cultivation, as ballistics 
gelatin, and in pill casings, glue, and confect-

Here's some more of the process work for the piece. And the preliminary work!  

And here's my Umami: The Fifth Taste piece I did last year, in the same "I love drawing food" vein:

It seems like every year I get a hankering for doing a "food, glorious food!" illustration. Here was 2011's:

-- Julia