Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trinidad Trip

Last summer, the bf and I were lucky enough to travel to Trinidad for one of his med school electives. One of our Trini friends and his wife hosted us at their house! 

We were blown away by their hospitality and the hospitality of their families. 

Here are some sketches and photos of our trip. 

That first photo up top shows a couple Trini staples -- Blue Waters bottled water and Odomos mosquito repellent. On the left is my trusty watercolour palette!

I painted the exterior of their house. I later got it printed on a plaque and mailed it to our hosts as a gift. My realistic watercolour skills are a bit rusty but I'm okay with how this turned out!


And here's an interior sketch of their living room. Fans are a common sight!

Before going to Trinidad I had no idea these electric anti-mosquito racquets existed. Now that I know to look for them, I've even seen them in Canadian Tire! They are a fantastic way to murderize mosquitoes and will provide many an evening's worth of entertainment. 

Here is a close-up of the Blue Waters and Odomos. I like how the bottle has palm trees imprinted on it. 

We saw a Trinbago Knight Riders cricket match! It was the shorter version of cricket, not the multiple-day kind.

Nighttime doubles from a street vendor. Delicious curried chickpeas in flatbread.

 Palm tree in our host's parents' yard. And guava from their tree!

 Two Trini snacks: Zoomers and Chennet.

 View from Mount St. Benedict.

A house by the beach in Mayaro.

Beautiful Mayaro beach.

Overall I think it was our best trip ever. We didn't make it over to Tobago -- Maybe next time?

-- Julia