Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mass Cat Card Post

Wow, it's been a while since I've blogged anything. These cat cards are piling up. This first one is a tribute to my Halifax trip. Georges (no apostrophe, I checked) Island and its lighthouse, the ferry that runs between Halifax and Dartmouth, a couple drinks the bf and I had at The Middle Spoon (mine had a sprig of rosemary that was charred slightly and smoking when it was served to me!)... And DidoCat is holding the chilled seafood platter we enjoyed at Salty's. 

And here are the three cards I made for my aunts, who were visiting from Japan!

I don't think this one was posted before -- The bf likes Lucio in Overwatch so I cosplayed DidoCat!

And here is this year's Valentine's card. The little hearts are gold leaf, which doesn't really show up here. 

 Dad's birthday card, featuring his new favourite La-z-Body. And little Candy Crush candies! I think he's 300+ levels in both Candy Crush Classic and Candy Crush Soda :P.

Mom's birthday card with three birds of her choice. Featuring her delicious Swiss roll cake.  

Whew! I must get better at posting.

-- Julia