Thursday, May 20, 2010

Add Rhyme and Mix

Just finished the album cover for Mr. Attic's new album, A.R.M. (Add Rhyme and Mix). Attic is a crazy talented hip-hop artist and Juno award-winning producer based in Toronto (Choice cut Records). The music is terrific, if you get a chance to check it out I highly recommend it.

The concept plays on how Attic creates his music: mashing up a bunch of records, taking the best bits, and mixing them into something original and fresh. The girl's pose is reminiscent of a DJ. There is a small portrait of the Attic on the poster in the background, and the other poster shows an Ensoniq EPS sampler, Attic's real tool of choice. In the cardboard box are some of the other albums that he's worked on. Lots of fun details!

Here's the initial sketch for the idea.

This is a further developed sketch. Very close to the final! I like doing a really tight sketch for a client because that way, everyone knows what they are looking at. Gives me a chance to change anything that needs changing before I get into the silkscreen printing. Although the magic of Photoshop can cure most ills! Composing in a square is always a challenge. I wanted to make a balanced composition that wasn't overly symmetrical.