Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Come into my parlour

Click image to see as intended!

The parlour was considered the best room of the house, where the finest furniture, art, etc. would be presented. This is because it was the room one would take visitors. It was considered a luxury to have a room solely for entertaining, as a few hundred years ago most folks lived in houses that were only one or two rooms. Wikipedia has a great entry that delves into this in more detail!

So naturally, my parlour is decorated with a plush settee, an elegant carpet, gilt wallpaper, a Tiffany floor lamp, a bronze Art Nouveau figurine, and one of my favourite Lawren Harris oil paintings. On the table we've got an exquisite crystal vase with a matching candy dish (containing Jordan Almonds. I saw Jordan almonds being sold in the craft section of Wal-mart alongside glitter and fabric paint, not the grocery section, which is everything you need to know about Jordan Almonds. They have a fascinating history, I might do an illustration about them!).

I like how fussy this room turned out. I'm thinking Harry Potter's Dolores Umbrage would've loved it! Maybe I should add some decorative plates with kittens on :P.

Here's the oil painting I've converted into pixelly glory:

The bronze figurine I used as a reference:

-- Julia
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