Thursday, August 27, 2015

Adult Colouring Book Trend -- Macleans

Here's my latest for Macleans, about the trend of adult colouring books! Seems that folks are super into colouring as a way to relax and focus in on something enjoyable. But some people are so addicted they're kinda wrecking their hands, wrists, and backs.
The art director had this great idea of having the illustration looking like an actual colouring book page with some bits of the illustration coloured in and coloured pencils laid out on top. To top it off, they plan on making a digital version available for colouring!
I drew thistle, roses n' thorns, and cacti for the colouring book pages in the illustration. Spiky, thorny, painful plants. Bonus giant bottle of advil-type medication.
Because the illustration was printed across two pages there was a gutter to design around. I love compositional challenges like that.
 Here's the full illustration!
-- Julia