Monday, August 27, 2012

Weaving illustrations for Inge Dam

Inge Dam is a master weaver based in Ontario, Canada. She specializes in tablet weaving, producing gorgeous, vibrantly coloured textiles that she sells on her site. She also exhibits and runs workshops. This fall, Inge is self-publishing a book of her techniques and invited me to collaborate with her!

Way back in the spring of 2011 I did an illustration for Alternatives Journal about how new technologies (such as Print-on-Demand) are revolutionizing the publishing world. Since then, two of my clients have used Print-on-Demand services to create their own books! The first was A Circus Mind, for which I produced an epic dozen illustrations; the second is Inge's project. And that doesn't include the two books I self-published: a slim portfolio book and a series of watercolour cat illustrations I did for various holidays and special occasions.

I ended up using Adobe Illustrator for the illustrations, because a lot of them are more diagrams or technical illustrations than anything else. It was a nice change of pace for me -- I'm such a Photoshop jockey! 

Most of my work has been editorial commissions. My first love is editorial, but it is nice to branch out and create stuff that's got a bit more of a shelf-life.

When Inge's book is finished I'll be sure to let you know!

- Julia


Anonymous said...

Really interesting stuff Julia!

Nice collaboration :)

Julia Minamata said...

Thanks so much! It's always great to try something a wee bit different :).

Inge Dam said...

Thank you Julia for mentioning this. Wonderful work you do. I am looking forward to working with you on the cover of the book. Inge

Julia Minamata said...

I'm looking forward to it too, Inge!