Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to make homemade tomato sauce

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Last weekend I helped my brother-in-law make homemade tomato sauce. A very time-consuming process but incredibly rewarding -- Summer in a jar through those diabolically cold winter months. 

Every year my brother-in-law and his brother have struggled with a chintzy red plastic contraption to extract the seeds and skins from the pulp and juices. This year, the brother sprung for a heavy metal motorized beast of a tomato massacre-izer. Game changer! This machine blasted its way through two huge cardboard boxes of roma tomatoes in no time flat. It felt like we were shovelling coal into the firebox of an old-timey steam locomotive. It was actually kinda scary!

After that, it was a mere matter of simmering down the pre-sauce until it was reduced 50% and then canning it with a bit of salt. The best sauce ever.


-- Julia
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Anonymous said...

Can't help but feel a little bad for the tomatoes in your illustration :(

Julia Minamata said...

I felt bad for them, too! There was an odd whining sound that was coming out of the machine as it chowed down on the soft, delicious tomatoes. I like to think of that sound as agonized cries of despair of the unluckiest tomatoes ever grown :D.