Thursday, May 19, 2011

Portfolio book now on sale!

Okay, so I'm pretty excited! I've just self-published my portfolio using Blurb. It's a great site that allows anyone to create their own books. The software is slick, there are lots of options, and most importantly, Blurb isn't a bunch of intellectual property pirates out to shake down creative people for all they're worth.

One of the most important courses I took when I went to Sheridan College was basically a Business 101 specifically for illustrators. Super-savvy illustrator Kathryn Adams taught the class and showed us how to read those eye-watering Terms of Service agreements. After reading Blurb's TOS, I was satisfied I could use their service with few qualms. Same goes for Society6, Artflakes, and Etsy. Even better, after I'd already decided, I discovered that Anita Kunz sells books using Blurb, too! If that's not the ultimate endorsement, I don't know what is. Anita Kunz is pretty much the queen of illustration and if you've ever read Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, Time, or any other magazine for the past few decades, chances are you've seen her work.

Got sidetracked, back to my book! My portfolio book has nineteen images in it, so it's quite skinny for the price. There's no denying it. But it's still cheaper than purchasing pretty much any one of my prints from Society6 or Artflakes, and MUCH cheaper than purchasing an original on Etsy. And I did go for the thicker, nicer, lustrous 148 GSM (100#) paper! If you're gonna do something, might as well do it right!

I have to admit, creating the book was possibly more for myself than for anyone else. I've always been a bit giddy about self-publishing, ever since I was president of the comic book club in high school and we got our stuff printed on the black and white copiers at Staples. Nowadays with the web and smart phones I always have my portfolio at my fingertips, but there is just something about real books and real paper.

One thing leads to another... And my March illustration job "A Brave New Book World" turned me on to this awesome new era of self-publishing. Funny how that works!

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