Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm on!


Recently I was invited to set up shop on Artflakes, a company that produces framed art prints, posters, canvas prints, gallery prints, and greeting cards. I took a look around their site was quite impressed!

I already have shop sites set up with Society6 and Etsy, so I wanted to make sure Artflakes was offering products and services that would bring variety to the types of products I'm offering. First of all, Society6 is based in California while Artflakes is based in Berlin. Right off the bat, depending on where you're located you may go with one over the other simply based on shipping & handling charges!

Both sites sell prints in a range of sizes, but they both offer unique products, too. Here's a helpful little chart (click to enlarge):


Rumisu said...

thank you for sharing your experience and advice :)

Julia Minamata said...

My pleasure -- I'm glad I can be helpful!

ssmmdd said...

Hi, have you sold anything from that site yet?

Julia Minamata said...

No, I haven't sold anything from Artflakes yet -- I really should be more active on their site!