Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My VIDA Shop is Live!

Exciting news! My VIDA Shop is up. Click here to see it! Use the code VIDAVOICES for 20% off!

VIDA is a Google Ventures backed platform that allows designers to sell ethically sourced products that are created per demand. Their scarves and tops are made in Pakistan, where they create literacy programs and maintain fair wages for their workers. 

Artists don't have to pay anything to have an online shop with them, and get 10% of  each sale. If three or more pre-orders are made within fifteen days of the items going up for sale, they're produced! Any fellow artists who want an invite to join up, email and mention my name! (If two peeps join up and create their own VIDA shop, I get a coupon code to buy my own products :P). 

VIDA has been very responsive whenever I had any questions or concerns. I read through their contract and wasn't 100% pleased with it so they worked with me to make it something everyone could agree on. It is a rare company that will do this, it's a wonderful find. I'm psyched to collaborate with them!

One thing I don't like is how low-res the previews of the designs are. Less than 1Mb! Hi-res files are used to produce the items of course, but I wish hi-res files were used throughout. 

I decided I wanted my products to be modal scarves. VIDA's modal is "MicroModal", made from beechwood processed in an eco-friendly factory in Austria, then woven in a factory in Pakistan. Modal feels awesome and has a great drape. Can't wait to see how they turn out!

Here's a look at my designs:

It feels great to work with a company that wants to the right thing, for everyone. And the right thing for the environment! Discover more of their story here.

-- Julia

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