Friday, October 25, 2013

Cozy little bar

Click to enlarge and see how it's supposed to look!

What better way to wind down after dinner but with some brandy and a nice cigar? I actually have no idea as I've had neither, but I've read plenty of books!

I wanted to do an Art Deco style bar, as I imagine Margot the maple syrup heiress would want to have the latest and most fashionable furnishings. She's the reason a lot of the rooms have framed Art Nouveau posters. Trying to class up a rustic lodge!

I feel like this room is overwhelmingly red so I may change up some of the colours. Maybe make the red door green. I keep telling myself I'll revisit all the other rooms I've done so far to spruce 'em up -- Trying not to linger forever tinkering with each and every pixel :P.

Speaking of posters, here's the one I chose for this room:

This week I've done this bar-type room (lounge?), a powder room, and I'm currently working on the parlour. I'm not posting everything because I want there to still be a sense of discovery when people play my game!

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-- Julia
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Anonymous said...

The rooms are looking great :)