Friday, September 13, 2013

Renovated Conservatory

Click the image to see as intended and not moire'd weirdness!

After I drew up a floor plan for my mystery house, I realized the conservatory as I had it wasn't going to work. I flipped the room around and redid the whole thing. Kept the comfy couch, side table, garbage can, and lamp. Waste not want not -- Furniture isn't cheap!

I'm happy I was able to do a contrasting-tile floor for the conservatory. A childhood of staring at my sister's Clue board game taught me that conservatories have tiled floors. 

I'm also pleased do to some moodier lighting. I might dial up the moodiness in some of the other rooms. Gives a nice, eerie ambience :). 

The old conservatory:
I enjoy the "Le Chat Noir" poster. Hopefully I can squeeze it into another room! It's hard to stop tinkering with all the rooms and improve them as I get better at this type of art. Onwards and upwards!
-- Julia


Anonymous said...

Looking great Julia!

Can't wait to play the final game :) :)

Jeeves said...

I would pay full price for this game. Your work astounds me. Thanks for sharing. I always look forward to seeing what you're up to with this.

Unknown said...

This is really, really good. Well done.

Julia Minamata said...

Thanks, Tor! Folks like you are very motivating!