Monday, July 23, 2012

Who watches the watchmen part 2, for the Weekly Alibi

Ongoing troubles for the Albuquerque Police Department -- They need an independent review officer who investigates the public's complaints about the police but are having trouble filling the position. Maybe it's because the job has no teeth! 

If the independent review officer feels that there is a legitimate complaint he takes it to the Police Oversight Commission, which is staffed by volunteers. The commission can decide not to pass the complaint on to the Police Chief. And even if they decide to forward the complaint to the Police Chief, the Police Chief ultimately decides what actions will be taken. Or not taken. Seems like a pretty thankless job to me.

The Albuquerque Police Department has had more than its fair share of troubles. Here's another illustration I did for the Weekly Alibi dealing with ABQ police troubles. And here's another one!


-- Julia


Anonymous said...

I really like the colours Julia!

Julia Minamata said...

Thanks! :D