Monday, February 20, 2012

Bob Seger Rocks On!

Bob Seger! I did this illustration for the Weekly Alibi to accompany their article on Bob Seger's awesomeness. One of the reasons I love editorial illustration so much is that I get to read articles and learn about stuff. I knew nothing about Bob Seger and his American heartland rocking-ness, his love of Truffaut, and his penchant for jetsetting to and from his concerts. 

Thanks to my "A Circus Mind" collaboration that features even more classic rocking, I find myself drawing a lot of guitars. I'm sure they are horribly inaccurate and occasionally aren't even real guitars, but they have such great shapes and styles that they are mighty hard to resist. 

And here's the sketch! I simplified the final and made ol' Bob more prominent. \m/ (rock n' roll devil hands!)

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Anonymous said...

Looks great!