Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Macleans obit illo: An Active Life

A Macleans obit frame! The subject (Kassandra Marie Kaulius) loved all sports and softball in particular. She played for the Surrey Storm in Vancouver and eventually coached for them, too. She went to college on a full scholarship and continued to play and coach softball even as she worked to save for school. After she died, her parents set up a scholarship fund in her name, though the Surrey Storm. Because softball was such a major part of her life, I made it the overarching theme of the frame and used a softball diamond for the actual shape.

Kassandra was a terrific athlete, but off the field she loved to glam it up; her boyfriend Cody said that this transformation from one to the other and back again "was the most beautiful thing about her". I included a lipstick because I wanted to celebrate his love for her.

I really enjoy incorporating bits like that, those little details that make up a person. I put in a BMW car key because after she returned home from the full scholarships she'd had at American colleges she worked hard to save for school in Canada and buy a car, making all the payments herself. All the while she was coaching and playing softball in her spare time. She was intent on paying off the car completely before moving in with her boyfriend.

She and Cody enrolled at the University of the Fraser Valley (the stems and leaves motif on the frame echoes the logo of that school) with plans on becoming teachers. Cody was going to propose to her this summer. That's why I played up home plate as a diamond ring. Kassandra had chosen to come home, and she had the future in front of her.

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Very nice piece!