Monday, January 10, 2011

Psychic Predictions

Started 2011 off right, with a cover from Tom Nayder at the Weekly Alibi. I love doing these because they are large (about 10"x10") and in full, bold colour. This is for their "Psychic Predictions" issue. The type goes across the top in the middle and off to the left. I always try to consciously leave space for Tom to stick type. It's one of those challenges that I love about editorial illustration. And I also love how Tom picks up on the reddish orange in the piece for the text.

My boyfriend's family has a New Year's eve tradition where they order Chinese take-out. Judging from how busy the place gets on that day, I imagine they're not the only ones that do this. I suppose the Chinese take-out container and fortune cookie concept in this cover is a bit of a tip of that hat to that tradition.

Originally I had a concept where the psychic was using a Magic 8 ball as a crystal ball -- Unfortunately, I found out they'd already done that as the cover before! So I stuck a Magic 8 ball in the bottom left corner anyway because I'm not about to let a good idea go to waste. Even if it wasn't mine!

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Anonymous said...

Looks great!

A great start to 2011 :)