Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Casino Royale

Here's an image I did based on the Vesper-Lind-Drowns-in-Venice-in-an-Elevator scene from Casino Royale. This is more of an interpretive take on the event, not a straight-up narrative representation.

I was flipping through one of my Toulouse-Lautrec books and I love his use of coloured line to define figures, so that's what I'm playing with here. Daniel Craig is a brooding Bond, so I've got him in Thinker pose. His nakedness indicates his psychological vulnerability. He's holding the Algerian love knot necklace that Vesper wore during the film. Vesper is blue because she is full of water. Oops, I guess that's a spoiler! Also, they were on Earth all along. And he's actually a dude.

Julia Minamata

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