Monday, April 2, 2012

Macleans illustration on newsstands this week!

Here's my latest back-page illustration for Macleans! The subject of this obituary travelled around a lot her whole life so I used a dotted line to connect lots of Canadian landmarks of the many places she lived growing up.Working counter-clockwise from the bottom left up to the lighthouse, I drew some bits to signify her many vacation destinations as an adult.

Compared to the other illustrations I've done for Macleans, this one's got finer lines. I bought a new size 0 brush. It's funny how a little change like that can affect line quality so drastically!

This is a pretty busy frame with lots of little elements. So I drew everything out separately and moved, scaled, rotated, etc. until I got what I wanted. From the sketch on the right you can see that I already had a decent idea where everything was going to go, but plenty of fine-tuning was involved!

 And here's the inked version, without the grey tone. 

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