Monday, April 23, 2012

Rock the 9 for the Weekly Alibi

Rock the 9 is a Native rock music festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I thought it would be fun to combine elements of a classic rock n' roll drum set with some awesome native drums! 

Like the Al Hurricane illustration (another music-themed illustration) I did for a few weeks back, I feel like this could almost be album art because of the square composition. I even put hand-lettering in this one!

The drum on the bottom left is decorated with the birdy that's on the Albuquerque flag. The same bird appears in this other Albuquerque illo I did. The Albuqueque and New Mexico flags both have a sun symbol on them so I incorporated that, too. I've used it before (albeit much smaller) in another illo for the Weekly Alibi.

My favourite thing about this piece is the colours. I am a sucker for killer colour combos.


Hope you like it!

-- Julia

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Anonymous said...

Very very cool piece Julia!