Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lots of Links and Reviews Part 2: Illustrationmundo

Here's my Illustrationmundo review! Illustrationmundo is a great site to discover and follow illustrators. It's a great place to stick all your widgets, links, and upload news about new work. And it's free! There's also an Illustrationmundo blog that highlights terrific illustrators. 

It'll also track how many people have clicked your profile in the last 14 days (I have a sad ONE click in that screenshot!), which is a nice and easy way to track how much recent interest your profile is getting. Perhaps I would get more hits to this profile if I stuck it somewhere on my blog... Done and done.

Illustrationmundo is my 7th best referral for my portfolio. Not bad for a free service. If I didn't have a blog this site would perform all the important functions of a blog (ability to submit new work, all your links, very simple stats) except for a space to write stuff. The only drawback is that you can't tag your images with keywords so it's not as effective as Foundfolios in terms of searchability for potential clients. It's more of an illustrator's community with lots of great work on it.

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My big wall o'links. I'll be taking a look at another site next week!

-- Julia

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