Monday, April 16, 2012

Cottage Magazine Illustrations

Here's a series of illustrations I did for Cottage Magazine's Cottage and Cabin Planning Guide, out now on selected newsstands! I've seen this magazine on newsstands here in Calgary and it's based in Vancouver, but I'm not sure where else it's available. 

It's always great fun doing a series of illustrations that appear together -- Here's a series of beers I drew dressed up as famous movie monsters last Halloween. I like using the same set of colours throughout the series to make it all kind of work together.  I'm working on a series of illustrations for Ryan Cox's "A Circus Mind" that all stick to a very specific palette as well!

I kind of like how the image of the cottage at night almost looks like a scene from an old-school adventure game. Maybe I'll use it for the game I'm creating!

And sketches!

Hope you like them :)

-- Julia


Anonymous said...

Great pieces Julia!

Julia Minamata said...

Thanks so much :D