Thursday, February 11, 2016

Latest Macleans!

I think this one is off newsstands now, but my latest one. Sometimes I start directly digital with my tablet but for this one I did a pencil sketch. I'm not sure which way I prefer, but I get the feeling that starting by hand might give the whole thing more flow. 

Some minor alterations between sketch and final but overall fairly close!

-- Julia
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Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Momohime! (Kinda pronounced mo-mo-hee-meh). A tribute to Princess Peach and also to Momotaro, a Japanese folktale in which a boy is found inside a giant peach that's floating downstream. "Hime" means princess in Japanese!

I had fun making the Nintendo characters into characters from Japanese fairy tales such as:

Bowser/Oni (a demon),

Goomba (he's called "Kuribo" in Japanese because a developer kept telling Miyamoto that the character looked like a Kuri (chestnut), so I made him look even more like a chestnut),

Koopa/Kappa (Kappa is a demon with a weird haircut and water in the top of his head),

Mario is a woodsman, holding a Hammer Bros. hammer,

Mushroom retainers are fairly unchanged, same goes for the squid and the fish!

I also used something close to the same colour palette as Super Mario Bros.

Prints On Wood wrote an article about the show, read it here.

To see more artworks from the show, check out the Tumblr!

-- Julia

Monday, January 25, 2016


I'm excited to announce I'm part of CHOGRIN's latest art show, PIXELHEARTS! The show will be displayed at Gallery1988 West in LA. The theme is video game culture. Each artwork is printed on a 12x12" wood panel that's 3/4" thick and cut into a pixelated heart shape. A pretty fun and unique project!
The show's tumblr is here.
And here's a peek of a bit of my piece:
More to come!
-- Julia

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New illo for Macleans

The subject of this illustration was very safety-conscious so I gave the frame those soft foamy safety corners. Or they could be those Styrofoam corners that picture frames come with.
I'm always pleased to do these. My parents have a subscription to Macleans so it's a treat for them to get my art delivered right to their door!
-- Julia

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Xmas 2015

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy holiday.
-- Julia

Monday, December 14, 2015

Latest Macleans

I remember reading about the death of Alberta MLA Manmeet Singh Bhullar in the news. Little did I know I'd be commemorating his life a few days later. It was a privilege to read about him and his accomplishments. He died helping others and service is the Sikh way.
Not sure if this one's still on newsstands. I am lagging behind in posting things again. Maybe a New Year's Resolution is in order..
-- Julia

Friday, November 27, 2015

Snakes n' Ladders Spread

I've done a bunch of back page illustrations for Macleans over the years, but sometimes the art director has something a little different. I always say "Count me in!".

One time I got to do an illustration that looks like a colouring book page:

And here's one for J.K. Rowling's first venture into grown-up fiction, "A Casual Vacancy":

This one is a vintage-looking Snakes n' Ladders board with a bunch of tidbits about the Canadian economy. We were always a board-gaming household and one of my first favourites was our old-school Snakes n' Ladders board with moral lessons for the snakes and ladders. Example: Eat snacks before dinner / spoil your appetite! Snake! Study hard / pass the test! Ladder! 

Here are some of the spot illustrations that go in the little game squares. I don't often draw full body shots of teeny-tiny people so that was something new for me:

I had a lot of fun coming up with concepts for each tidbit of writing.

This one's straightforward -- Target stores in Canada miss their mark and close all their stores:

Household Debt:

Trans-Pacific Partnership deal. I made them wear old-timey bathing suits because the board was supposed to have a vintage flavour: 

This one was my favourite. Had to do with the Bank of Canada Governor shocking the market by cutting the overnight rate :D :

There were a bunch more on the board, hope you like them!

-- Julia