Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Room Painted Sixteen Colours

    (Click image to see in non-anti-aliased glory!)

Still working ever so slowly on my AGS adventure game! This is the second room I've done so far. I think I'm getting better and faster at creating these the more practice I get. I gotta say, I majorly love doing these, I think I'll do a bedroom next! Here's a link to the first room I did.

Here are those classic sixteen EGA colours:

I wonder if this interest is in any way related to my passion for LEGO -- blocky bright colours that approximate/abstract real life. Speaking if which, I got sent this amazing link to a beta site LEGO has put online that allows people to design and post sets that anyone can vote on and support; if LEGO sees that the set has enough votes (10,000) they consider making it! How cool is that? There is a killer "Shaun of the Dead"-themed set that is getting quite a bit of attention, to the point that Simon Pegg (one of the brains behind the movie) mentioned it on his most recent Conan appearance! 

I'm starting to do the concept work for my next "A Circus Mind" illustration and I'm going to try my darnedest to somehow incorporate my love of pixelly art into it. The piece is for a poem about Andy Warhol so the digital art concept totally works. There's a video on YouTube that shows him digi-painting a portrait of Debbie Harry using an Amiga with Debbie Harry actually there, and they televised it! I'm also hoping the illustration ends up looking good on a t-shirt so I can put it up for sale on my Society6 store -- I think Warhol would've approved :P.

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