Monday, March 19, 2012

Iraq Dream for the Weekly Alibi

An American soldier dreams of an Iraqi war exercise where a battleship poorly constructed from styrofoam and lumber sits partially afloat in shallow water. He is a sniper and there to kill them, but watching them run their futile scenario makes him smile at the absurdity of it all. He realizes he's no longer able to do his country's bidding. 

That's my retelling of an American soldier's article on the war in Iraq for the Weekly Alibi. It's the part that really struck me and I wanted to capture that scene. I wanted it to look dreamy and calm, which is how I imagine the soldier felt in his dream. We've all had dreams like that, I think. The ones where you wake up and a bit of that tranquil feeling carries over into waking life. 

You can see how much work the colour is doing by looking at the black and white version: 

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting piece!