Friday, January 31, 2014

More food in my latest Macleans!

I had too much fun drawing this plate of breakfast -- Including the mini ice cream scoop of butter on top of the toast! I don't think I'd ever draw a hamburger without a sesame seed bun. Something about those sesame seeds shouts hamburger to me :P.

This fellow was born on a freighter bound for Canada. He loved skiing in Quebec and sailing in Florida.  He loved chatting over breakfast with a good cup of coffee.

Also: I didn't know what a labradoodle was until now!

My second Macleans illustration where I made the sketch on my Surface Pro 2 (using Photoshop). I still like to ink by hand, so I sketch, ink, scan, and do the grey tones back on the Surface Pro 2. Doing the sketch digitally makes it so much easier for me to resize and move the different elements around to create a flowing composition. Here's the first one I did using my SP2.


-- Julia

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