Friday, January 3, 2014

Macleans on newsstands. First one using my new toy!

Here's my first Macleans illo where I used my shiny new Microsoft Surface Pro 2! I'll try and get around to writing up a review for it (I love it!) because I do have a bunch of thoughts. I will say this, though: I'm awfully tired of reviewers comparing it to an iPad and whining about how heavy it is. Cut it out! For a full-fledged pc it is light as a feather, and P.S. do some push-ups :P.
I usually sketch on paper and then move to my pc to revise things and then print out the result and ink that. But this time I was able to work out the sketch completely on the SP2 and then output my "revised" sketch for inking, skipping a step! I still like how a hand-done ink line looks and feels over a completely digital piece. Maybe one day I'll feel more comfortable using only my pc but for now I still like to use a paintbrush :).
I love these back page pieces when there are a ton of details to work with. This one went from doll clothes to baby clothes (she had two daughter, both with music-themed names, which is why there's a joined musical note on the onesie) and everything in between: frog-catching, nail-painting, xmas plays, Sudoku, soccer, Harry Potter, camping, and Ottawa's Tulip Festival.
Preliminary sketch:
-- Julia

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Great piece!

Go Go Surface Pro 2