Sunday, October 25, 2015

Culinary Architecture Illustrated Logo

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I'm happy and excited to share this illustrated logo I did for Culinary Architecture! Culinary Architecture (here's their Facebook page) is based in Baltimore and offers many different services including personal chef-ing, catering, cooking classes, and more. I love drawing food so this job was right up my alley! 

The grand opening of their storefront location will be happening this year. I'm psyched for Sylva and her team!

A job like this, where the illustration will be used for a long time and for different applications, has a longer development process than an editorial illustration that''ll be around a week or a month. I love the process -- and here it is!

Some other colour possiblities:

 Sketch development from thumbnail to rough sketch to tighter sketch to even tighter sketch (clockwise from top left):

-- Julia
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Unknown said...

Love it, Julia! Don't know how you can decide on the final colours. They all look amazing! ;)

Julia Minamata said...

Yay! Thanks, Jody! Playing with the colours might be my favourite thing :).

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pieces Julia!

Swish Sally said...

Culinary Architecture loves your work! We have officially named her Josephine.

Julia Minamata said...

I love Josephine :).