Monday, June 25, 2012

Willie Nelson for A Circus Mind

Here's the tenth illustration in my A Circus Mind series! Good ol' Willie. I'm really enjoying learning more about music through my research for these pieces. 

Willie was initially more of a songwriter than a performer because record labels found his voice too plain. Craziness. He helped establish Farm Aid (which is why I've got him walking by "amber waves of grain" in this illustration). He formed the company Willie Nelson Biodiesel. Willie is very much pro marijuana, so I have the plants springing up in his footsteps. A busy man and an American icon!

It's always fun to use the A Circus Mind palette in different ways. All ten of my illustrations use combinations of these colours (although technically the gradients cheat a little bit). I used four for Willie.

 And sketch! I gave the final a frame to give it a bit of a stained-glass feel. 

-- Julia

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Anonymous said...

Great piece Julia - I love the colours!