Thursday, June 28, 2012

Diablo 3 Birthday Card featuring... Treasure Goblin!

Diablo 3 is a pretty fun game. Craig and I got it free with our one-year World of Warcraft subscriptions! He plays a monk and I play a demon hunter. So for Craig's birthday card this year I painted Dido-cat as his monk character! Here are the other watercolour cat cards I've blogged.

His favourite level/chapter/questing area is Bastion's Keep. It's a snowy area where your character helps defend the battlements from all sorts of horrific creatures. You have to light signal fires (as seen in the bottom left corner of the card), help raise catapaults, and kill dozens and dozens of demons. 

Any Diablo 3 player will be familiar with the Treasure Goblins. These poor dudes are occasionally found minding their own business in the game's randomly generated levels. Players must waylay these creatures and pound them into bloody chunks before they open up a portal into Treasureland and escape forever! Dido has got her paws on a Treasure Goblin and she's not about to let him go. I hope she remembers to collect his sweet loot and doesn't just bat him around for her amusement!

My demon hunter recently learned an ability I like to call Treasure Ferrets. It's a pair of adorable pets that scurry around and collect the gold that sometimes falls off of dead monsters. They also increase the amount of gold found on monsters by 10%. But mostly, they are cuuuuuuute!

This is the second game-related card I've made for him. The first is this Marvel vs. Capcom one I did for Valentine's last year:

-- Julia

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Anonymous said...

Amazing card Julia - I love it! :)