Wednesday, February 2, 2011


When Tom over at the Weekly Alibi sends me a job he sometimes offers up an idea or two to get the ball rolling. While I do like to come up with my own ideas for illustrations, occasionally he has a real gem that I just can't resist. "Emoburger" was such a gem. "Can you make an emo hamburger with a lettuce leaf over one eye?" He asked me. How could I not?

The swoosh of hair on top of the bun is a bit bizarre, but without it I felt that emoburger looked like he was wearing a skullcap and that it was hard to read the face with the one eye and all the burger trimmings.

I've been experimenting with knocking out some of the lines in my work and just using coloured shapes in places. This is my second try at it, my surly Jeannie was the first. It's definitely something I want to explore further in the future.


Simon j Fletcher said...

nice illustration, its a stylish solution to a complicated problem, well done

Julia Minamata said...

Thanks, Simon! Part of the reason I decided to go for the "emoburger" concept was because I initially had NO idea how I would solve it visually.

I love a good challenge!

Anonymous said...

It's very nice Julia, but it still haunts my dreams.