Sunday, January 23, 2011

A million little legs

The first time I saw a house centipede I was totally appalled and horrified. I immediately thought "I must move." And by move I didn't mean move into another room so I wouldn't have to look at this disturbing insect, I mean move as in pack up my things and leave.

House centipedes are too big to live in Toronto. We're not living in a tropical paradise, the trade-off is that we don't have to deal with insects the size of zeppelins. I thought that was the deal! But house centipedes (*shudder*) wiggle their disgusting legs in the face of such an absurd notion. They go wherever they please. Including up walls, which I will never, ever be okay with. Worms and snakes do just fine with no legs. If you are going to be a revolting tube of undulating flesh, be decent enough to leave it at that. Forget the legs. You are grossing enough people out as it is.

I call this colour palette "Cappuccino Dream".

" Wriggling Silhouettes"

"Raspberry Inverted Silhouettes"

"Electric Pink Uneasiness"

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