Tuesday, September 9, 2014

We're in the September issue of Avenue magazine!

Once or twice a month I meet up with a bunch of fellow illustrators and artists in a cafe. We sketch, chat, ask each other for advice and share our work. As much as I love to sit at home by myself and work and not talk to anyone, it's great to be social with other creative folks. 

Awesomely, we are featured in Avenue magazine! Karen Klassen, Aaron Navrady, Aaron Sidorenko, Jacqueline Hudon-Verrelli, Jacqui Lee, and me! We paint, draw, make comics, children's books, and work in editorial and advertising illustration. Truly the gamut of artistic experience!

Here's Avenue magazine's September issue, online! We're on page 134 onwards :).

-- Julia


Anonymous said...

Hurray for the Calgary art scene!

rajib said...

Cool! I know an actual pseudo celebrity! Very happy for you. -rajib

Julia Minamata said...

Hehe! Thanks, Rajib :).