Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Macleans latest on newsstands!

The subject of this week's illo had a newly discovered talent for baking, beloved pet bearded dragons, and always smelled like campfires. He worked at a restaurant called Gracie Joe's -- I managed to find their logo so I could put it on the bass drum. Drumming was his first passion and baking was his second, so I wanted to combine the two. 

Here's the iPad version:

As you can see, the sketch was pretty different from the final piece :P. Not much room left in the centre first of all, and I decided not to include the building on the lower right, which is a landmark in Thailand. I was planning on contrasting the lighthouse (a local landmark) with the Thai building, but the whole thing ended up being too cluttered.

I kinda like it, too bad it didn't make the cut!

-- Julia

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Anonymous said...

Great piece!