Tuesday, June 4, 2013

B n' B: Boudoir and Bathroom

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Here's the latest room I've created for my old-school adventure game! I'm pretty proud of the old-timey toilet. I feel like this room could use a few extra touches but I'm not sure what...

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A fixed up boudoir (click here to see the original). Improved the chair in the corner and made the room smaller because I kinda felt it was too large to be cozy. 

And here's the gorgeous Toulouse-Lautrec poster I snuck into the boudoir for an extra French detail :P.

I finally got around to drawing up a plan for this house so I know where to stick doors and windows. My next room is going to be an upstairs hallway. The challenge is to make it non-boring, and not so deep that the character's unchanging scale will look weird. Lots of considerations!

Here's a link to the stuff on my blogged tagged "digital" for my game.

-- Julia
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Unknown said...

Looking great - can't wait to see the finished product!

Unknown said...

Looks great - can't wait to see the finished product!

Jeeves said...

Your work is incredible!

And this seems like an obvious question, but are you making a Laura Bow game? Or just something in the same style?

Julia Minamata said...

Thanks, Jeeves!

I'm just making a Laura Bow style adventure game. A pet project of mine. Not sure what I'll do with it once it's eventually done!

Rhodesian Study Circle said...

Hey Julia! Looking good. Did you change your boudoir?

Julia Minamata said...

Hi, James! Yup, I modified it. I drew up a loose set of house plans and decided it was too big :P.

Corey Riley said...

Julia! I love the work on this. So much detail. You would've fit right into the Colonel's Bequest creative team.

Do you plan on creating any exteriors? That was always the creepiest part of the Djion mansion for me.

Can't wait to see what you come up with next. Keep up the great work.

Julia Minamata said...

Hi, Corey!

Thanks! I'm trying hard to get my backgrounds to the same level as the professional stuff.Glad to see it's paying off!

I definitely plan on doing exteriors. I want to get all the interior stuff done first! There will probably be a boathouse, gazebo, shed...

I've done some more rooms but I'm trying to avoid posting it all so that when I actually finish the game people won't have seen it all already :D.

-- Julia