Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Macleans illo out!

A tribute to a fun, irreverent lady. The subject wrote a number of books in her life and was poised to make her mainstream publishing debut with a novel being put out by Penguin Books. I managed to dig up the book covers of the stuff she'd gotten published before and include them in the piece. The internet is so perfect for this kind of research -- I never would've been able to find this type of stuff back in the old days!

She was a Dadaist who liked to dress in tuxedos (upper left), dabbled in striptease (upper right), attended OCAD (top middle, though I know that bit of OCAD wasn't around in her day, I liked using it to frame the piece), enjoyed yoga and animals, the occult and psychology. The round things with the tassels are pasties -- which the art director said he couldn't really identify as such but would trust me on it :).   

Spot illustration for the iPad version:


-- Julia
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Anonymous said...

More kittens!

Julia Minamata said...

Hehe! Can never have took many kittens :).