Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Liver's Tale for the Weekly Alibi

Here's a fun one I did to accompany a short fictional tale in the Weekly Alibi about black market livers. The story is written in a trippy, fragmented way, so I wanted to make this one a little surreal. Here's another dreamy illustration I did for the Alibi

The liver is a bit of a tricky one to draw. It's not as iconic as the heart, kidneys, or even stomach! Just kinda a mass of meat, really.

I'm having a hard time resisting doing rising suns in my work lately. I did one in my Agar Lady piece and I'm trying not to do one in my current work in progress, which is all about pectin. The sun and its rays is just such a nice framing device! Grr. 


-- Julia

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Anonymous said...

Great illustration Julia!