Tuesday, March 26, 2013


analog lady, an audiophile and patron saint of records
This was my submission to Society6's latest collaboration, "Analog". Sadly it didn't get selected but I have a pretty nice piece anyway!

I was inspired by Ozma, the fairy princess in the Wizard of Oz. When I was a kid I was all about princesses and fantasy -- so naturally, Ozma was pretty much the best thing ever! She wore this Princess Leia-style over-the-ear crown with huge poppies. That crown reminds me of all the elaborate and even beautiful headphones I've been seeing around lately. And thanks to all those audiophiles out there, records are back! I love a good victrola/phonograph/gramophone. Such a beautful shape and made of rock-solid wood! 

I don't know how I can be nostalgic about a time I never actually lived in but when I watched that animated Tin-Tin movie that came out in 2011, it made me wish I could live at a time when plastic wasn't really a thing. All the surfaces were real. Real marble, real wood, real glass. Brass, iron, silver. Everything weighed a ton back in those days!


Some more process stuff:

 -- Julia
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