Monday, February 4, 2013

The Village Voice: 2012 Year in Review

Queen's Jubilee! Michael Musto's 2012 Entertainment Highlights

The Village Voice is the great-grandaddy of alt-newsweeklies. As you can imagine, I was super-pumped to work for them! 

The job was to do a series of illustrations depicting various entertainment highlights of 2012. Starring in those highlights was the inimitable Michael Musto, who has written for the magazine since 1984. Musto is famous for his "year in review" pieces, where he dresses as various celebrities and graces the cover and inside pages of The Village Voice -- often quite gloriously in immaculate drag

So I got to do a bunch of portraits of Michael Musto as the Queen, Mitt Romney, Alfred Hitchcock and Honey Boo-boo, not to mention Gandalf, Bilbo, and a pair of adventurous dwarves! Too much fun. 

Here are a few, when they appeared on the Village Voice's site: One and two!

Firstly there's Musto as the Queen, as seen on one of those lovely commemorative plates. Complete with doily. And deliriously happy corgi. I love corgis.

Next, there's...
Mitt Romney choking Big Bird. Michael Musto as Mitt Romney.
Musto as Romney, choking the feathers out of Big Bird as BB tries to hawk some PBS mugs and tote bags!

And then there's...

Michael Musto as Alfred Hitchcock in a bathtub with a raven.
Musto as Hitchcock, enjoying some bath-time.

Followed by...
Honey Boo-boo creating her go-go juice! Michael Musto as Honey Boo-boo.
Musto as Honey Boo-boo, mischievously spiking the party punch with that deadliest of deadly cocktails: Mountain Dew and Red Bull. Go-go juice, indeed! I enjoyed making Musto's face plump and doll-like, sort of like a Cabbage Patch Kid. Or Chucky.

We conclude with:
The Hobbit -- Michael Musto as Gandalf, Bilbo, and two dwarves.
Musto as Gandalf, Bilbo, and two dwarves. I love the creepiness of having his face on all the characters, and having them all looking at the viewer. And we all know that I never pass up the chance to draw food! The art director's favourite Musto of them all was Gandalf-Musto!


Hope you like them!
-- Julia


Anonymous said...

Really great pieces Julia!!

Julia Minamata said...

Thanks! I love doing series of illustrations :).