Monday, January 21, 2013

Illo for Registered Nurse Journal

New client! My friend's sister is a nurse so she'll be getting this in the mail soon. It's always fun when friends and family see my work some place they recognize -- Makes the whole freelancing gig more real to them!

I enjoyed stuffing lots of nursing-related bits into this one, including a tracheostomy tube, blood pressure cuff, sample jars, RN Journal magazines, IV stand with bag, and a model of the brain (the writer of the article is an advanced practice nursing educator in neuroscience).

This is a kinda-sorta repeat client, in that RN Journal and SOCAN's magazine (here's what I did for SOCAN) are designed by the same firm: Fresh Art & Design Inc.. Repeat clients are my favourite thing ever -- and my second favourite thing ever is new clients :).


-- Julia

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Anonymous said...

Great piece Julia :)