Tuesday, November 20, 2012

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Paul and Morris Longmire, for Macleans
I've done a number of these back page illustrations for Macleans, but this one was the first time I've done a "The End" piece that's featured twins. Paul and Morris Longmire were inseparable in life. They played together, worked together, bought twin houses next to each other, vacationed together, and tragically died together in a car accident. 

One of their favourite pastimes (apparently that's how it's spelled, I checked! I could've sworn it would be "passtimes" or "pass-times") was cribbage, so I came up with an illustrated frame that incorporated a cribbage board with two tracks. In cribbage the pieces race each other around the track, but in this frame I put the playing pieces in step with each other (as the twins were in life), with details from the brothers' lives along the way. 

They were fishermen who bought a scallop boat together, so I drew a scallop shell containing two scallops to indicate their closeness. The pawns at the top centre show how they were the middle children of six, or could symbolise how they had three children each. I made their twin bungalows Monopoly houses to go along with the board game idea.

And here's the spot illustration that is used in Macleans' iPad app:

-- Julia

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Really great piece Julia!