Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My latest illustration is on newsstands tomorrow!

I just finished work on the cover for the National Post newspaper's Arts & Life section for their month of March feature! I love doing "The Month Ahead" because they print it at a HUMONGOUS size -- around 6x20"! I mentioned that before in a previous post (I did the same job for their June feature last year -- check it out here) because it's so rare that I get to see my work printed that large and it's a total rush!

Last June I submitted four sketches for the job and I ended up liking one of the other sketches so much I ended up finishing it as a personal piece

This year I also submitted four sketches. One of them won out and you can see the finished product on newsstands March 1!

Which sketch do you think was used?

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Anonymous said...

Looks great Julia!