Thursday, August 11, 2011

Featured on WoW Insider!

Disclosure: I play World of Warcraft! Not as much any more, but in the good old days it was all about the raiding and the sweet, sweet, epic gear. I've even crafted my own gear in-game, but the best gear I've ever crafted has been a series of in-real-life Warcraft-themed t-shirts for my friends and family.

I have a tag on this blog for all of it, but I'm really excited to share it with fellow players on, the BEST site out there for Warcraft articles, commentary, and news. I've visited their site pretty much daily for years, which makes it even cooler that I've managed to get on there!

I also have some other video game art too.

Thanks to Anne Stickney at WoWInsider for the feature and for editing my wall o' text answers to her interview questions :)

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