Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rose Red, the less popular sister

Here's my Illustration Friday submission for the topic "Wilderness". I wasn't sure what the time deadline was, but the day deadline was the 21st and that's today. So here it is! This one isn't silkscreen printed because of aforementioned deadline, but I think I'll do it anyway and then repost.

Snow White had a sister named Rose Red, but she's nowhere near as popular as good ol' Snow. She didn't get a sweet movie deal. Maybe it was because the dwarves in her story were EVIL!

**EDIT** I finally finished the silkscreen print, so I've updated the image. If you like it, I'm selling limited edition, hand-pulled prints on Etsy!

Julia Minamata Illustration


Ann Marie DiVecchia said...

Glad you gave Rose Red some recognition! I like how you have contrasted beauty and danger with the flowers as well as the characters. Lovely organic feel!

gatheringwonder said...

really cool style and line work